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Unleash the full potential of video publishing

with the gjirafatech hero suite.

A comprehensive video platform ecosystem that leverages the power of AI, analytics, and identity management to offer an end-to-end solution.

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Gjirafatech Hero Suite

Unleash the full potential of your video publishing with gjirafatech's VP Player, now enhanced with the added support of Bisko Lite, TruAI Lite and Porta Lite.

Identity Management Platform


Data Management Platform


AI Software


Our powerful hero suite empowers your video platform with advanced data management, AI recommendation, and identity management capabilities. Upgrade your video publishing game today with VP Player and the gjirafatech hero suite.

Video Player Components

Content Acquisition

Organize all of your videos.

  • Directly through web interface
  • Live streaming done on RTMP
  • Multimedia API
a video player playing with an image of a video website which contains 6 videos, and one of them pictures a giraffe as a content

Content processing

Encode your videos fast.

  • In-house fast encoder enabling 24h livestreams
  • Support for numerous input and output formats up to 8K
  • Livestream to VOD conversion capability
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) supporting Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady and Google WideVine
video platform's encoder

Content Management

Automated publishing.

  • Fully customizable platform structure
  • Control over 100+ real-time settings, engagement features and monetization
  • General and custom analytics reports
video player's page builder with with layout components

Content monetization

Monetize your content.

  • Gjirafa AdNetwork, Google Ad Manager
  • Cue-points & Video targeting
  • Header bidding
video player's vdieo with a dashboard as content and a magnet attracting coins

Content delivery

Fully customizable.

  • High-quality content with up to 4K resolution supporting every browser on any screen
  • Android and iOS SDKs
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
a video player playing which captures a camera in front of some with snow covered mountains and a HD badge

Exceptional viewing experience for your audience on every screen

mall tv's website displayed on three different sized devices


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Why choose VP Player?

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VP Player has been an excellent tool for our media house. Its performance, features, and user-friendliness have all surpassed our expectations. The platform has been very easy to use, and the player has consistently provided a seamless viewing experience. Advanced ad management tool allow us to maximize revenue with minimal impact on user experience. The technical support team has also been very responsive in addressing any issue or question we’ve had. I highly recommend VP Player to anyone who needs a reliable and customizable video player.

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Marian Bulla

Last week, 132.000 brand new videos got started with VP Player. Today, is your turn.