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A fully customizable Video Player to meet all your needs

Your content, your rules - from content acquisition and processing to monetization and delivery.

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Your content, your rules

VP Player was built to give you control of your content and make it as easy as possible to change, adapt and customize your player.

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Video & audio player

Players for all your content needs

VP Player supports playback of video and audio content along with the ability to create playlists and podcasts. Furthermore, it provides powerful analytics for content performance insights and data-driven content strategy decisions.

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Performance Driven

Reliable and scalable performance

Encode, store and stream at scale with VP Player to ensure the best possible viewing experience for millions of users, wherever they are located in the world.

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Revenue increase

Maximize revenue

Grow your AVOD revenue with advanced ad scheduling capabilities. Easily integrate ads with a wide range of ad servers and platforms.

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Content Management

Easy content management

Keep all of your video and audio content organized with playlists. Our intuitive user interface provides powerful tools for organizing, tagging, filtering, categorizing and searching content.

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User Engagement

Increased user engagement

With personalized AI based recommendations VP Player keeps the user engaged and reduces churn. Other engagement boosters are subtitles & captions and an extensive display options that increase interactions with the content.

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Create your own Podcasts

VP Player enables rapid and simple podcast creation from your audio content. Increase your reach using auto-generated RSS Links for sharing on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict, and much more.

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Audio and Video Analytics

VP Player offers analytics and actionable insights on the consumption of your audio and video content. VP provides you with insights into devices, regions, platforms and more.

VP analytics dashboard displaying audio and video performance metrics, providing valuable insights into content viewership and engagement

Create your own medium. Monetize your content. Design your video experience. Offer livestreams effortlessly.

All in one platform. Your videos, your rules.

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VP Apps

Create and launch your Over-the-top (OTT) applications to deliver video content directly to viewers.

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VP Live

Effortlessly create ultra-low latency live streams, benefit from advanced features including Live-to-VOD conversion and more.

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VP Player

A video and audio player that is easy to use, customizable, and packed with advanced features.

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VP Stream

Integrated encoding, CDN and storage infrastructure that provides reliable, fast and globally accessible video services.

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Client’s Feedback
"Our cooperation with VP has been excellent. As a user of VP Live, the unique features of this platform have served to bring us closer to our audience by offering high-quality live broadcasts and flexibility for the insertion of advertisements. We are happy to recommend VP to any media company looking for an advanced video and live streaming platform."
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