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Here is everything you need to know about VP

The VP Player is a comprehensive one-stop solution for video, audio, and live streaming, featuring a fully customizable player and platform with multi-device support, rich analytics insights, and in-house infrastructure. It also offers adaptive bitrate streaming to optimize the viewing experience. Additionally, the VP Player's unique dynamic monetization solution utilized various algorithms to effectively distribute ads, helping to maximize revenue from videos.

The VP Player supports mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms, as well as smart TV applications, through the use of its SDK which you can find on the documentation. This allows the VP Player to deliver content at the highest resolution on any screen and device.

Your audience can enjoy the content on your app through the VP Player in a matter of days. Setting up the player on your website is also straightforward, taking only a few hours thanks to the VP Player's optimized workflows that simplify the process for publishers while maintaining an intuitive approach.

If you have great video content but do not have a medium to share it with your audience, the VP Player offers VP Apps to help you design, create, manage, and monetize your own video platform. Whether you want to create a website, a mobile app, or a smart TV app, our VP Apps is here to help.

VP Player is a customer-obsessed product. We place customer needs and feedback at the heart of everything we do. Our team is dedicated to gathering and prioritizing customer feedback and needs in order to continuously improve the customer experience and add value to our product.

VP Player allows admins to fully control the monetization of their videos with features such as VAST/VPAID support, ad bidding, and video targeting. Additionally, our unique dynamic monetization solution allows publishers to schedule ads using advanced algorithms, leading to increased revenue generation.

Your content, your rules. For any reason there might be, you can restrict your content to users based on their location.

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