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Supercharge your Video platform with gjirafatech integrations

Make the most of your investment with gjirafatech's pre-integrated solutions that make VP an even more powerful video platform.

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Make your content work for you more efficiently

VP is more than a video platform as it provides access to the full capabilities of gjirafatech's most powerful products. Create the best video experiences for your end-users and your team.

Bisko Lite

Advanced Analytics

Use the full power of pre-integrated Bisko analytics, for invaluable operational insights to enable data-drive decisioning.

Advanced Analytics: Utilize pre-integrated Bisko analytics for data-driven decision making and operational insights
Tonos Lite

Subscription Management

Manage your SVOD and TVOD services through the use of Tonos LITE, gjirafatech’s subscription management solution.

Subscription Management: Utilize Tonos LITE, girafatech's solution for managing SVOD and TVOD services
Porta Lite

Identity Management

Porta LITE, our in-house identity management tool, allows you to create user identities and profiles. Remove the need for other software.

Identity Management: Porta LITE, our in-house tool for creating user identities and profiles, simplifying the process without relying on other software

AI-recommendation engine

TruAI LITE, our AI platform, helps increase content engagement and consumption with AI powered and personalized video recommendations.

AI Recommendation Engine: TruAI LITE, our AI platform, provides personalized video recommendations, enhancing content engagement and consumption

Encoding, Storage and CDN

Deliver a smooth end-user experience with gjirafatech's Captain. The pre-integrated CDN, Storage and Encoding solution enables fast delivery, efficient content management and a seamless video experience.

Smooth Content Delivery: Captain - gjirafatech's pre-integrated CDN, Storage, and Encoding solution. Ensures fast delivery, efficient content management, and seamless video experience
Gjirafatech Ecosystem

Use the power of the gjirafatech ecosystem. Our advanced video platform offers LITE versions of the most popular gjirafatech solutions.

VP Dashboard

Create your own medium. Monetize your content. Design your video experience. Offer livestreams effortlessly.

All in one platform. Your videos, your rules.

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VP Apps

Create and launch your Over-the-top (OTT) applications to deliver video content directly to viewers.

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VP Live

Effortlessly create ultra-low latency live streams, benefit from advanced features including Live-to-VOD conversion and more.

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VP Player

A video and audio player that is easy to use, customizable, and packed with advanced features.

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VP Stream

Integrated encoding, CDN and storage infrastructure that provides reliable, fast and globally accessible video services.

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Discover Our Comprehensive Documentation

Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with VP.

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Client’s Feedback
"When it comes to live streaming, Oddin relies on VP Player as our trusted solution. We needed a solution that can keep the pace with our industry-leading uptime and many simultaneous live markets, VP Player has consistently delivered exceptional performance, allowing us to provide our users with a great esports spectating & betting experience. We would recommend them as the top choice for anyone operating in the esports industry"
VP client

Check out some of the products that are a perfect addition to VP Player.

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Elevate your content business with effortless subscription management and personalized offers.

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Empower your content strategy with our headless CMS solution

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Empower your digital media business with powerful AI modeling tools and recommendation engines.

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