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POST Send Request For Demo Access In Video Player


The following table contains important information about the POST method in regards to the managing process.

POST Send Request For Demo Access In Video Player
URL or Endpoint/api/access/demo
BodyCheck the request body below.

The description of the URL parameters is as follows:

URL Parameter NameMandatoryTypeDescription
api-versionNostringThe correct api version to use.

Request Body

"name": "string",
"email": "string",
"companyName": "string",
"country": "string",
"jobTitle": "string",
"phone": "string"

Information about the fields that appear when you receive the response are displayed in the table below.

Parameter NameMandatoryTypeDescription
nameYesstringThe name of the client.
emailYesstringThe email of the client.
companyNameYesstringThe name of the client company.
countryYesstringThe country of the client.
jobTitleYesstringThe title of the job.
phoneYesstringThe phone number of the client.


Does not contain a response body


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors:

  • HTTP Status Code 400: Bad Request

  • HTTP Status Code 401: Unauthorized

  • HTTP Status Code 403: Forbidden

  • HTTP Status Code 404: Result Not Found

  • HTTP Status Code 500: Internal Server Error

  • HTTP Status Code 503: Backend Fetch Failed