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Introduction to VP Apps

VP Apps is a fully customizable platform that allows content creators to build their own video platforms. It offers fully customizable features to create a platform, based on individual branding requirements without the need for developers.

Below you will be reading about the features of our product and how they can be used to create an OTT platform.

Structure of VP Apps

VP Apps is organized into Organizations and Projects for each client. An organization is an entity that presents the house of multiple different video platforms or projects. Within each Video Platform, various applications (e.g.,Mobile, Web, TV App) come together. The user can have a single project or manage multiple projects under an organization.

Each project can be started with a template or from scratch:

  • Start from Template: Begins with pre-designed layouts for pages and structure. Modifications can be made by the user as needed by simply clicking and customizing.
  • Start from Scratch: The user builds layouts, groups, and themes from the ground up, allowing them to create based on their specific needs.

Video Content Management System

VP Apps includes an advanced VCMS (Video Content Management System), allowing users to manage diverse content types—videos, live streams, or audios—without limitations. Users have the flexibility to organize content into groups like Categories, TV Shows, Moods, Seasons, or custom groupings. The user simply creates a group and assigns metadata at the Organization Level, providing a customizable content management experience. The user is also able to manage all the assets directly into the admin and group them into folders.


The designer’s purpose is to enable the user to create their own video platform by using a tool that requires no coding skills. It is based on No Code Apps platforms for children aged up to 10, to learn programming through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily design different layouts for various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. For each project there is the possibility to create themes incorporating palettes, fonts, and icons.


One of a lot of things that sets VP Apps apart from other solutions is its unique array of Engagement features. Users can include on their Video Platforms interactive elements such as chat, polls, notifications, and the ability to express opinions with likes, dislikes, and comments.

This diverse set of engagement tools enhances the overall user experience.